How to Unlock Your Body's Metabolic Potential to Lose Weight, Age Slower, and Have More Energy →

How to Unlock Your Body's Metabolic Potential to Lose Weight, Age Slower, and Have More Energy →

Watch this video on how to naturally flip the “fat burn” switch, harness the simple science behind optimal health and vitality, and unlock your body’s metabolic master switch to lift your mood, look better and feel better today!

On and Off switch for burning fat

Look Better + Feel Better

Your Metabolic Master Switch: AMPK

Metabolic processes are fundamental to our body’s ability to generate energy, regulate weight, and maintain vitality. At the heart of these processes is AMPK (5′ adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase), a key enzyme that serves as a regulatory switch controlling energy balance within cells.

AMPK is crucial for maintaining cellular energy homeostasis. Its activity influences the body’s metabolic efficiency, including how we burn fat and manage energy resources.

Simply put, the higher our AMPK activity, the better our bodies function, but changes in AMPK activity due to aging or genetics can affect our ability to manage weight and sustain optimal metabolic function.

The Role of AMPK in Metabolic Flexibility and Health

AMPK’s role extends beyond simple energy regulation. It determines the body’s ability to switch from fat storage to fat burning. Even more, boosting AMPK targets abdominal fat. This is especially important because reducing belly fat can significantly improve health and lifespan.

Metabolic flexibility is the body’s ability to switch fuel sources efficiently based on availability and demand. This flexibility is vital for energy management, weight control, and healthy aging. Enhancing metabolic flexibility can boost metabolism, cause weight loss, enhance cellular energy, reduce inflammation, and put a stop to common aches and pains. 

The Relationship Between Exercise, Age, and AMPK

Physical activity, particularly forms that engage multiple muscle groups and systems with intensity, has been shown to be the most significant way to boost AMPK activity. In fact, most of the benefits associated with exercise come from enhanced AMPK setting off a cascade of beneficial and positive whole-body anti-aging effects.

Exercise induced AMPK causes you to look better, feel better, and age slower. The benefits include better mood, cognitive function, and improvements in healthy lean muscle mass. Recently, science has shown, those individuals who have better lean muscle mass live longer and have much better health outcomes.

However, as we age, AMPK activation often declines, posing challenges to maintaining metabolic health and energy levels. As metabolic health wanes, it becomes easier and easier to gain weight. This is so common adults expect to see their metabolism fall after the age of 30. Then both men and women gain weight easily, and begin to experience aches, pains, hormone disfunction, brain fog, mood swings and a loss of overall energy and vitality.

7 Phytonutrient Superstars

Botanicals + Nutrients: Allies in AMPK Activation

Research highlighted by experts such as Dr. Kyl Smith, a pioneer in natural medicine, shows that specific nutrients and botanical extracts can promote the activation of AMPK. Dr. Kyl has identified seven botanical phytonutrients that are research-proven to be the most potent AMPK activators on the planet. While these phytonutrients can activate AMPK on their own, combining them with exercise creates a synergy that can quickly produce an amazing health and metabolism transformation.


Quercetin is proposed as an ergogenic supplement due to its capacity to boost AMPK, enhance aerobic performance and increase metabolism while also decreasing the acid that causes the body to store fat.


Curcumin activates the AMPK pathway, boosts metabolism, increases energy expenditure, stimulates the conversion of white adipose tissue to brown and decreases the acid that causes the body to store fat.


Berberine enhances both AMPK activation and autophagy, supports healthy insulin sensitivity, inhibits the growth of fat cells, supports healthy inflammatory pathways, and decreases the acid that causes the body to store fat.


Resveratrol activates both AMPK and a long list of healthy longevity factors via the many metabolism and health benefits associated with enhancing SIRT1 (aka the “master metabolic regulator”). It also decreases the acid that causes the body to store fat.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract promotes increased AMPK-dependent fatty acid utilization while increasing resting metabolic rate. It also supports healthy aging and longevity, enhances exercise performance, and significantly increases fat metabolism during exercise.


L-Theanine activates brown adipose tissue (BAT) to act as a catalyst and boost the body’s capacity to burn fat. It may enhance energy expenditure while also supporting a healthy metabolic response to everyday stress.

Moringa Leaf

Moringa Leaf increases energy metabolism in muscle cells by promoting AMPK function. Preliminary research also indicates this botanical superstar may provide additional robust support for healthy insulin sensitivity while promoting diverse antioxidant activity.

Activating AMPK “Flips The Metabolic Switch”

AMPK has been called “The Guardian of Metabolism” as boosting this natural enzyme “flips the fat switch on” to empower your body to burn fat. This means that AMPK can help to turn your youthful metabolism back “on,” so you can access fat as a fuel source and tap into the boundless energy associated with being metabolically flexible again.

At Better Body Brighter Mind, we want to challenge you to tap into the benefits of the seven AMPK activators listed above to boost metabolism and burn fat. To potentially motivate you, please take a quick look at the science-based benefits of reducing weight by just 5% as listed below.

Experts agree that losing just a few pounds can make a huge difference, and many point to the substantial benefits of a reasonable and achievable 5% reduction in weight.

We think this is exciting! Evidence shows that decreasing your weight by just the first 5% may:

We think this is exciting! Evidence shows that decreasing your weight by just the first 5% may:

  • Help prevent or significantly delay type II diabetes,
  • Help diabetics control blood sugarand inhibit diabetes-related conditions,
  • Increase levels of protective HDL cholesterol, lowering the risk of heart disease,
  • Decrease levels of triglycerides, reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke,
  • Lower systolic blood pressureby about five points,
  • Protect hip and knee jointsand reduce the risk of osteoarthritis of the knee,
  • Improve sleepand reduce sleep apnea, and
  • Help reverse insulin resistance which can,
  • Lower insulin, and that slows the aging process across every organ, gland and tissue in the brain and entire body.


Collectively, these benefits cascade into looking better, feeling better and living longer. Now you know how to turn on your bodies master metabolic switch! We hope you will utilize this information to get started today! 

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