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“I have been taking the nutrients Dr. Kyl talks about for about a month and a half now and this really has given me new encouragement to get out and do things and really live the life that I want to live. These nutrients have really enhanced my memory and I don’t have to worry about where I placed my keys, my glasses, my wallet…it just changed my life around.”
– James M., Florida

“I had a stroke at age 33 and I’m always looking for any information for healthier brain function. I was very impressed with both Dr. Kyl’s lecture and his book Brighter Mind. His book is an invaluable tool.”
– Rosemary, Arizona

“I started taking Dr. Kyl Smith’s nutrition plan on January 5th of this year. Within 4-5 days, I could see a difference. Today is January 30th, and it is absolutely amazing. We are preparing to sell our home and at the same time we are preparing to build a new home. I have become so efficient, organized and focused, it is incredible. God bless Dr. Kyl Smith. I have told two doctors – one a psychiatrist and one a neuro-surgeon. The psychiatrist is considering referring patients. The neuro-surgeon is interested for herself. I have not missed any of my daily dosages. I take my brain nutrition 2 twice a day, when I get up in the morning and then around 4-5 in the afternoon. I have never taken a supplement program that has the effect of this. I have always taken vitamin supplements and this is the most amazing regimen I have ever taken.”
– Deena J., Oklahoma

“Dr. Kyl is a master of presenting complex material in a form understandable to all. He is brilliant. His information is indispensable for getting and keeping a healthy brain, and his workout program is awesome. Loved every bit of the lecture from the start to the finish.”
– Sheryl, Virginia

“Dr. Kyl’s book not only explained clearly how to prevent and reverse problems that affect people, mentally, but it also taught me how to improve so many different areas of my physical health as well.”
– Christin R., Texas

“I’ve used Dr. Kyl’s nutrients for several months now and had a very positive impact in my life. I’m in contact with a lot of people and forgetting names has been a big issue with me. But since taking Dr. Kyl’s nutrients, amazingly enough, I’m able to recall names much better. Also with my line of work, multi-taskability is definitely essential and forgetting can cost the company time and money and obviously we don’t want to do that. Usually after getting home from work, I needed to take a nap but now I’m able to get things done around the house and of course my wife, she loves that. Because of Dr. Kyl’s nutrients, I’ve definitely become more of an asset, not only to my company but also to my family. Thanks, Dr. Kyl, for your wonderful efforts.”
– John L., Georgia

“I am thrilled to be taking the nutrients that Dr. Kyl recommends. The brain nutrients have made a big difference in my daily living. I’m able to concentrate better. I’m happier and more energetic and I’m now sleeping the night through. Thank you Dr. Kyl.”
– Douglas M., New Jersey

“I thank God for Dr. Kyl’s nutrients because they’ve made a lot of change in my life. I started taking them to take the LCSW test, which is the state board licensing clinical social workers. I had taken that test (4) times and would miss it by some points. However the good news is, and I’m so happy and proud about it…I took the test last Friday and I passed. I’m really thrilled. What I found out also is by taking these nutrients, they help me to remember better and to concentrate in terms of my studying. They also give me energy. It’s been a major help in my life. I Thank God for Dr. Kyl that the Lord gave him this insight to help other people. When I took the LCSW, I finished the test in 3 hours and it’s a 4 hour exam. I was able to go back over the whole test and see if I missed anything. It was a difference from before. The last time I had taken it, I barely had enough time to finish all of it. Thank you Dr. Kyl.”
– Jenna Y., Connecticut

“A lot of my life I’ve been tired and made mental mistakes at work. The brain nutrition Dr. Kyl recommends has definitely cleared up both being tired and my mind being clear so my mistakes are at a minimum, something I have hoped for 10 years.”
– David O., Texas

“Dr. Kyl’s nutrition program has helped me to remember things, not just anything. I’m amazed at some of the things I remember. I’m amazed at how “in order and focused I am” on getting things done, accomplishing so many things, painting and projects in my apartment, just being on top of my bills. It’s really helping me to get things in order and even remembering things that I need to take on a regular basis. It’s just helping me tremendously. I’m very grateful for Dr. Kyl Smith and his brain nutrition program.”
– Vicki S., Massachusetts

“I love the book so much I bought a case after the seminar to give to friends, doctors, and people who are truly interested in good health and helping others. This is a book that should be a requirement for every school library, and this is a message every single man woman and child needs to hear.”
– Peggy L., Utah

“As a big believer in nutritional health, I found Brighter Mind to be an invaluable resource for anyone who mistakenly thinks feeling sluggish and lethargic is normal. Brighter Mind shows people just how simple achieving optimal focus, concentration, memory and improving mental performance can be!”
– Todd S., Utah

“It is a rare privilege to hear Dr. Smith give a lecture. Articulate, entertaining, dynamic, and informative, Dr. Kyl Smith amazes and inspires his audiences with his wealth of knowledge and his sincere passion on the subject of brain health.”
– Jonathan, Virginia

“The Brighter Mind lecture was so impressive I could not wait to read the book!”
Todd M., Arkansas


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