Preventing Senior Moments Through Nutrition

Preventing “Senior Moments” Through Nutrition – Smart Foods and Nutrients that Improve and Protect your Brain

Dear Friend,

We can joke about so-called “senior moments,” with that twinkle in our eyes that only the passage of years and wisdom bring. But let’s be honest: beneath the jokes runs a small, cold current of fear. That this is the beginning of a decline that could rob you of an aspect of yourself that you hold in high esteem: your mental agility and sharpness.

You run into an old acquaintance or even someone you know well at a local store. You know that face…but suddenly, for the first time, you find yourself unable to remember the name that goes with it. You find yourself constantly searching for thoughts, words, your car keys. Or, the classic senior moment: walking into a room and saying to yourself upon arrival, ″Why did I come in here?″

If you’re 40 or better, and you feel that your brain isn’t as sharp as it used to be, the problem is very real. It’s called Age-Associated Memory Impairment – AAMI for short.

It usually begins around age 50, but more and more physicians are recognizing that AAMI may creep in as early as your 30s and 40s. Obviously, it affects your memory, but what many people don’t know is that age-related memory loss also affects mood, work performance, and ability to think and focus. But, contrary to what you might have been told, AAMI is not something you have to accept.

If you are what you eat, so is your brain. And at the level of individual neurons (brain cells) and the mind-blowingly complex interconnections and networks that exist among them, factors in your diet and nutritional supplement program can make an enormous difference in the structure and function of this remarkable organ…regardless of your age.

My life’s work has been about finding ways to improve, nurture, and protect the wondrous human brain’s ability to cogitate and remember throughout the lifespan, using a program I have developed that is based on a large body of scientific research – research that is of the same quality as the studies performed on any FDA-approved drug.

I want to share these discoveries with you.

The Right Nutrients Dramatically Improve Mental Performance

In recent years, cutting-edge research into “smart foods and nutrients” has emerged. This research has detailed the mechanisms through which these foods and nutrients benefit your brain. Rigorous scientific studies have demonstrated their dramatic benefits to focus, concentration, and memory. Such nutrients have also been determined to improve mood – in fact, some studies indicate that they are promising natural therapeutics in the treatment of depression. They’ve even been shown to significantly decrease your chance of ever suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Let me give you a wonderful example: one natural ingredient has been studied in clinical trials, shown to be completely safe and effective, and is currently utilized by physicians in Italy and other countries to significantly improve memory and restore mental performance. To date, a total of 22 studies involving more than 4,000 subjects have shown dramatic improvements in mental alertness, reasoning, information processing, and general mental performance – all with this one natural ingredient!

The special, clinically-proven nutrient mentioned above is one of the many star nutrients you’ll find in my book Brighter Mind®. This volume gives detailed insight into other nutritional factors that have been shown to significantly improve memory, learning, and concentration, and that enhance overall mental performance in the bargain!

Chances are good that your doctor won’t be able to tell you about this kind of research, because he or she doesn’t have the time or motivation to investigate the compelling body of research on the subject, much less synthesize it into a diet and supplement program that is safe and effective.

To reap the benefits of such a program, all you need to do is learn which smart foods and nutrients have been shown to both improve and protect your brain…then, add them to a scientifically validated brain-boosting diet. By following a few simple steps, you’ll open the door to improvements in memory, mood, mental energy and performance.

The Brighter Mind® Four-Step Program

The nutritional factors outlined in Brighter Mind®, which I’ve organized into a simple-to-follow, easily understandable Four-Step Program, have all been shown to provide excellent protection against mental decline. But what if you’re already in the throes of that decline? What if you’re experiencing brain fog? Depression? Mental fatigue? Distractedness? Forgetfulness?

Rest assured that the powerful nutritional interventions described in Brighter Mind® have been demonstrated to result in significant mental improvements in people who are already fighting an uphill battle against these difficulties. These special brain-boosting nutrients naturally rev up your brain’s energy, increasing focus and concentration. They protect delicate neurons while improving mood and eliminating depression.

When you feed your brain the right nutrients, the results are often dramatic. You’re going to feel sharper, clearer, more focused and energetic. Imagine what this will mean for your mental performance…and your confidence! In the bargain, you’re also likely to experience vastly improved overall health: your cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, digestive, and immune systems thrive with the same kind of diet and supplement program recommended in this book. It’s the only health and nutrition book you’ll need.

You’ve worked hard to develop the skills and memories you cherish. You’ve earned your wisdom and insight through years of life experience. Today, science shows us that we don’t have to let any of that go. In fact, we can continually grow and improve. It all begins with a Brighter Mind®.

To your best,

Dr. Kyl L. Smith

P.S. Now, more than ever, credible science shows that we can dramatically improve focus, concentration, mood and mental energy through the right foods, brain-boosting nutrients, and the right kind of physical exercise. Mental function can be protected and improved at any age. You only need to know how. I’ve done the work for you, dedicating over three years to poring over more than 1,400 peer-reviewed scientific papers and writing Brighter Mind® – the book I would like to invite you to purchase today. Sharing this information is my biggest passion in life. Take advantage of the brain-boosting benefits of the right foods, nutritional ingredients, and exercises outlined in Brighter Mind® …today!

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