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Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Brighter Mind

There are a large number of scientific references (more than 1,400) quoted in the Brighter Mind® book – what does that mean – is the book hard to understand?

The goal of the Brighter Mind® book is to be an easy to understand, complete, how-to guide that shows you the latest scientific advances and how to use them! The reason the book was referenced and substantiated in this unique way is because Dr. Kyl Smith didn’t want to create yet another book – like hundreds at bookstores today – that merely “tells a reader one doctor’s opinion about nutrition.” Instead, Brighter Mind® delivers answers based on cutting-edge published science from around the world and shows you how you can use this information to benefit yourself and your family – today!

Why haven’t I heard about all this science before!?

This is an excellent question however; the answer is complex and multifaceted. For example, the book reviews nutrients that have been shown to improve ADD / ADHD; depression and anxiety; poor or declining memory as we grow older; and mental fatigue, poor focus and concentration among many other health issues related to brain function. For simplicities sake, to better answer this question we’ll focus on cognitive decline – an issue that many of us will face in one way or another with advancing age.

Many people start to detect short-term memory loss and symptoms of poor mental function as early as their late 30s. Symptoms may include mental fatigue, poor focus, concentration, and lapses in memory; mood alterations, irritability, and depression may also be factors. In fact, experts have shown that the brain begins to shrink during or after a person reaches their 30s – and if you’re in this group, you’ve likely noticed that your mental function is not what it used to be.

So here’s a key: The brain relies on certain compounds to maintain optimal neuronal function and structure. As we age, many of these nutritional compounds are needed more frequently and in greater quantities to promote and support optimal brain function. Certain nutritional ingredients can be added into your diet to provide powerful improvements in memory and mental function when age starts to take its toll. These ingredients are known as nootropics – and the fact is, they are both well-researched and proven in science.

About one-third of the Brighter Mind® book is dedicated to showing you the science behind the use of nootropics – natural ingredients like nutrients and botanicals – that support, protect and improve brain function. Moreover – the book shows you how to shop for these ingredients so you can bring these benefits home for yourself or possibly a family member. With that said, it’s important to look at why these natural ingredients aren’t the talk of the conventional health-care community – which they should be, based on the science that supports their use.

Are there any known side effects associated with the nutrients covered in the book?

The brain nutrients reviewed in the Brighter Mind® book were studied in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials in both animals and humans for at least two major reasons. One: There is a scientific basis for physicians to recommend these nutrients because the clinical trials have determined what specific mental functions have been improved and they have identified the populations who show benefit. Moreover, scientists have discerned the magnitude of each benefit in the population studied (example: men and women over 50 years of age with declining memory). Two: In many cases hundreds and often thousands of patients have been monitored while taking the nutritional ingredient as physicians carefully looked for any evidence of adverse reactions. Based upon scientifically recognized and accepted approaches, these nutrients have been found – with statistically significant results – to be both safe and effective.

Will these foods or nutrients interfere with the prescription medications I may be taking?

The brain enhancing nutrients reviewed in the Brighter Mind® book have been shown to be safe and effective without significant adverse reactions noted by the researchers engaged in the clinical evaluations. Better yet, in many cases the participants of the clinical trials were older and often on a broad array of medications while simultaneously taking the nutritional ingredient evaluated in the clinical trial. In those persons the researchers generally stated there were no significant events, problems, changes in lab values, or interactions noted. With this said however, when starting any drug or nutritional supplement it is recommended that you first consult with your health care provider.

If I take the nutrients reviewed in the Brighter Mind® book, when can I expect to see or feel results?

This is an interesting question in that the answer will vary from person to person depending upon the individual circumstances, situations, and what specific nutrient (or nutrients) we’re talking about. Often, doctors who utilize these nutrients in practice observe a quick, healthy-yet dramatic increase in mental energy when they or their patient’s take the nutrients properly (in the proper amounts and forms) as administered in the clinical trials. Also, those who have utilized the nutrients reviewed in the Brighter Mind® book have commented that they feel a quick and noticeable improvement in mental energy, focus and concentration – translating into a heightened ability to get more out of both work and play.

Better yet – when these nutrients are utilized properly (in the proper amounts and forms) over time – doctors’ their patients, and those who have utilized the nutrients reviewed in the Brighter Mind® book have described an improved ability to work for longer periods of time, to study harder, to be more creative – or in the case of ADD / ADHD – to just sit still, focus and concentrate for a longer period of time. Often in older folk – as evidenced in many clinical trials – individuals describe dramatic improvements in memory – like name recognition, face recognition, word recall, learning new information or even an improved ability to tackle difficult problems.

Improvements in mental function as described above are often appreciable in one to several weeks – with continued improvement over subsequent months. For example, in the case of PS or Phosphatidylserine – researchers noted maximum improvements in about 90 days. The differences in time when improvements are noticed are related to the different mechanisms of action of the various nutrients.

I’m a professional in the field…How can I implement the Brighter Mind® program in my practice?

Attention Health Care Practitioners, Pharmacies, and Health Food Stores across the country are retailing Brighter Mind® educational materials in their practices to help their patients understand the importance of the right foods and nutrients that improve overall health, energy, mood, concentration, memory, and mental performance. Please contact us if you would like to learn how to implement the Brighter Mind® program (including wholesale rates on case-quantities of educational materials) in your practice and generate a new source of patient/client interest, success, testimonials, and referrals!

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